About Us
We have been active in metal and ironworks engineering since 1990. Since then, we have gone through a series of innovative transformation. We are recognised, for our innovative approach, in working together with our clients, to resolve challenges.
Year 2000 was the start of a journey, when we happened to work with Oil majors, followed by automotive industries i.e. OEM, Auto Bavaria, Federal Auto, Cycle & Carriage, UMW Toyota, Honda as well as tyre service workshops, major independent garages and equipment traders. We acquired tremendous experiences and skills working together. These skills include designing layout plans for garages.
We started on a modest scale, designing and fabricating tool trolley, cabinet, metal racks for storage and display, workbench and custom made special tool’s cabinet.
Our transformation continues and in year 2006, we have our first mould for garage equipment. Since then, “convenience to our client” is our key driver.
We knew this market requires a better focus and a more innovative approach as such, SR GARAGE EQUIPMENT SENDIRIAN BERHAD was set up on 20th May 2010 solely to focus on designing, producing and manufacturing of garage equipment.
We are the first Malaysian company to produce and manufacture garage equipment locally. We now have a modest range of garage equipment that would bring convenience to our clients. We are always grateful for any feedback to help us excelled in our transformation.
Our journey continues, and to be relevant, we have to reach out and understand the need of our clients better. We have established SOON REX MARKETING SENDIRIAN BERHAD as the forefront to reach out to our clients.
We will always be transforming and innovating to bring convenience to our clients.